Blending art and wine is what DAMA strives to achieve in each bottle while supporting other women artists.


Take a sip of what is in the bottle, then linger for a bit and take in the art of the bottle. Art inside and out of the bottle.


Introducing you to the artists of our labels…

Ana Ost


Painting and drawing from an early age. Ana tries to capture the world of images that keeps changing while using new techniques and materials.
The greatest inspirations are the natural world and other arts such as literature, film, music. Ana is from Bratislava, Slovakia.

Amy Mundwiler


Wine director at Chicago’s Maple & Ash, she handles wine selection, financials, and operations, along with managing a team of sommeliers, Amy is also a talented artist. While visiting Walla Walla she was explaining her busy life and her art to Mary Derby. Amy and Mary decided to place this special piece on the Cab Franc bottle to represent the “angular” wine that a Cab Franc can be, but always graceful.

Terry Castle

“I Live for Love”

Primarily known as a writer and critic, Terry Castle has been making art “in her spare time” for many years. The late Susan Sontag once described her as “the most expressive, most enlightening literary critic at large today.” Castle has taught at Stanford University since 1983.

Jacqueline van der Platt


Jacqueline was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 1959.She is inspired by artists like Matisse and David Hockney, and is often traveling and searching the Internet for new inspiration. The creation of her art is a rather intuitive and discovering process. I start my paintings by using a mix of acryl and oil paint, spray paint or pouring paint on the canvas creating the first layer. Then gradually the composition develops and changes into its final form, while adding other media layers of textile and paper. In this exciting and challenging process, the final composition of shapes arises step by step from the background. The female body has become an important subject for her paintings, intending to show women powerful in a soft way. “I am on a journey to rediscover the source of woman’s power, the Feminine spirit”.

Sali Swalla

“Together We”

Interested in the landscape of the human spirit her work begins and ends with the spark of an emotion. The process of transferring the spark onto canvas is a reflection of and a daily exercise in the belief that the moving with and not against the daily currents of these emotions is key to a happy life. Sali moves freely between mediums – oil, acrylic and wax – “Letting go of attachments in order to keep the mystery of creation fresh”.

Tamara Apple


Tamara Apple is a visual artist working in mixed media and collage. Her most recent pieces
reflect a dream-like logic using the familiarity of landscapes, portraits and interiors to tell part of
a story, leaving the rest up to the viewer. Her intimate collages on wood employ fragments and
layers of imagery giving way to abstraction.
Tamara studied fine art at USF and the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. She resides
in Petaluma, California with her husband, two children and dog.

Mary Derby


Photography is one of Mary’s secret passions. Maybe it is her late husbands influence as it was one of his passions also. While in Amsterdam Mary took both of these photos that now grace our Syrah bottles. Hercules, the only male to ever grace the bottle of a DAMA wine and of course, Venus.

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